Walk in your customers shoes

Mystery Shopping by NMS is the best tool for you to see your brand the way customers do, improve your services and sell more.

What can Mystery Shopping do for you?

Find out how customers experience your services, how to improve them and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Identify weak spots in your sales network or selling process and boost your business.

Adjust products according to customer needs by improving the efficiency and working environment of your employees.

Know your competitors, find out what they are doing and stay ahead of the game.

Find out your how your partners promote your brand and how your products are distributed.

Monitor your campaigns such as clearances or the introduction of a new product.

Have all the touchpoints under control

Mystery Shopping

We evaluate employees’ conduct, the accuracy of provided information, their level of compliance with internal rules, the presentation of products being sold and also check the overall environment at each individual point of sale.

Mystery Calling

We will oversee the work of a call center and review the quality, speed of delivery and comprehensiveness of provided information. We will also focus on the overall approach towards customers.

Mystery E-mailing

By sending test e-mails to your employees, we will evaluate electronic communication standards. Special attention will be paid to proper form, offer of the products and preparation for follow-up communication.

Mystery Delivery

We will review the delivery process of a package (e.g. from an online store), checking whether it is compliant with promised delivery times and other standards and terms.

NMS mystery shoppers at your service

Are you a market research agency working on an international project looking to cover the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia? We will provide you field works.

We have 6000+ mystery shoppers in the Czech Republic and 3000+ in Slovakia.

Our mystery shoppers are experienced, well-tested and thoroughly briefed for each project by an NMS specialist.

Shoppers are carefully selected for every project according to their age, education or income.

To solve problematic or unpredictable situations, the shoppers have a supervisor and hotline available at all times.

Most shoppers have smartphones allowing them to report their findings as soon as they happen.

Data are stored in our state-of-the-art Navigator application which can be easily linked to your reporting system or databases.

Online reporting made easy with Navigator

Results anytime, anywhere

Optimized for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

From a bird’s-eye view to the finest detail

See the overall results or filter them by branches, retailers or even individual visits.

Hierarchical user rights

Define different levels of access for different users. Each user gets their own user account.

  • Export to Excel
  • Optimized for printing
  • Structured PDF reports

Are you an agency?

With your own field works, in need of a complex, yet intuitive tool for data collection?
Borrow our Navigator app!

User-friendly shopper database

Easily find the right shoppers for your projects that match any criteria – demographic, rotation, proximity of coverage areas etc.

Intuitive client management

Add and filter clients, branches, networks and retailers in just a few clicks.

Easy-to-use control system

Review questionnaires, forms, attachments and the costs of individual shoppers in one place.

Mystery Shopping with a difference


Besides providing our shoppers an online application, we take care of the complex management of the entire project. One of our experienced account managers will set up the project and tailor it precisely to your needs. They will be at your disposal throughout the course of the whole project.

Improve your business

Mystery shopping by NMS is more than just getting relevant data. It’s about improving your business. That’s why we have developed 7-point improvement program that starts with defining desired standards and finding the right motivation for your employees and ends with professionally led training.

Taylor-made solutions

We are professionals with years of experience in Mystery Shopping. We will choose the best solution for your business and recommend improvements to the performance of your network in order to match your pre-defined goals.


“You can always rely on NMS. They provide us with exactly what we need, everything runs according to the terms agreed on and the outputs are perfect. They have excellent knowledge of the whole process because their managers are always on hand when setting up the questionnaires and designing the application. We are more than happy to continue our cooperation with NMS.”
Marta Bodnarukova Market Research Specialist
“We very much value our cooperation due to their outstanding work, top-class results and analyses. It’s also been always a pleasure to work with friendly and forthcoming people from NMS.”
Michal Kusyn Product/Marketing Manager

About us

Starting 1999 we aim to help our clients – the largest players on the market – to improve their customer service, to offer better services in general and attract new customers, all thanks to the marketing research we provide.

Alongside our headquarters in Prague we run a branch in Slovakia and Hungary. We also operate in Poland, Hungary, Romania and other countries through our partners.

We are a member of the SIMAR organization (Association of Agencies for Market Research and Public Opinion) and ESOMAR (World Organization for Research of Public Opinion and Marketing Research).

Our standards for Mystery Shopping are approved by a worldwide Mystery Shopping Association MSPA, where we are members.

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